A new image that reflects who we are

Innovation, collaboration and well-being; these are elements that are important to us and motivates the progression of our brand image as well as the redesign of our website.

"Over the years, Groupe API has evolved along with its values and motivations. Our goal is to focus on increasing the performance of our corporate clients while keeping in mind the well-being of their employees. We had to update our brand image to reflect our spirit and our passion for working environments, "says Stéphane Privé, co-owner of Groupe API.

Our new logo

We are launching our message loud and clear and here are following details that are integrated in the design of our new logo that embody the values and mission of our company.

Our use of the color orange is not insignificant; it symbolizes loyalty, confidence, boldness and vivacity. This represents who we are and what we value in our relationships with customers and manufacturers.

The square shape can be interpreted as the perimeter of an office space. The slight detail of the API name incorporated within that square shape expresses our company’s role in the amalgamation of furniture within an office space. The openings in the logo can be simply taken as doors open to collaboration.

We would like to bring attention to the form that insinuates an office desk in the upper part of the logo as well as the orange vertical line to the left that can be taken as an architectural structure.

Our reaffirmed vocation

Reinvent your spaces! This is a simple yet powerful statement. "Our corporate mission is to help business customers increase their productivity, strengthen their corporate culture and improve the well-being of their employees. What we do is simple, we reinvent your spaces! "Says Mario Ouellet, co-owner of Groupe API.

Our newly refined Website

The office spaces that we create in collaboration have clean lines, fluidity and are uncluttered. This improves performance and maintains a great aesthetic, so why not do the same with our digital presence? This newly updated website offers an intuitive experience on various platforms. No matter what device, you will be able to navigate and discover with ease our various partners, our achievements and our experienced team.

We are excited to present our new blog section where we will regularly publish articles on various subjects ranging from corporate planning, design, ergonomics and management. This blog will also serve as a great tool to get news of our company’s activities.

Our new image reaffirms our position in the market for architectural solutions and office furniture. Our mission is to help companies, architects and designers achieve high-performance, comfortable and refined work environments

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