Reconnecting Work Environments with Nature

Nature offers undisputed benefits to humans. Consciously or unconsciously, our brain is stimulated by contact with natural elements. Scientific research in psychology and physiology demonstrates the positive effect of nature on creativity, cognitive abilities, and learning.

The Human Spaces study "The overall impact of Biophilic Design in the workplace" demonstrates that employees surrounded by natural elements, such as greenery and natural light have the following affects:
• 6% more productive.
• demonstrate a 15% higher level of well-being.
• 15% more creative.

Improving air quality:
• Can reduces absenteeism from sickness by 35%;
• Can increases response to situations by 131%, strategic solutions by 288%, information use by 299%;
• Can improves the hormone oxytocin, responsible for positive emotions by 15 times and decreases the stress hormone, cortisol by 7 times.

Easy and Effective Solution

"We can survive without food for two weeks, without water for four days, but only a few minutes without air" - Aki Soudunsaari, Founder of Naava -

Naava Smart Green Walls are solutions that touch both the theme of the air and the spirit of Well certification. As human beings, we are naturally “wired” to connect with nature. It seems logical to integrate the concept of nature (biophilia) environment and the design of our workplace.

We have setup various partnerships to integrate this aspect into our product offering. We can now offer you Naava's Smart Green Walls across Quebec.
Naava Smart Green Walls are composed of a ventilation system which helps plants to draw air from space and to redistribute the oxygen created by them. With the help of a reservoir contained at its base, as well as an irrigation system, the plants are thus supplied with water independently. A LED light bar is also integrated into the system to give plants the luminosity they need to do their Photosynthesis. The complete wall system is connected into an integrated computerized system which collects data on temperature and humidity and thus adapts the ventilation and irrigation system of these plants according to the environment. It is a turnkey Biophilic solution!


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