In this era where everything is going faster and faster and expectations are higher and higher, this certification puts people first.

It addresses the impact of the working environment on the overall health of humans. It also represents one of the strategies for attracting and retaining top talent; whether one adopts it, or simply is inspired by it ... Why? Because it allows to increase the "level of happiness at work" so serves as a cornerstone to secure the "experience-employee". Very appropriate since the challenge of the hour, for all companies, is also to adjust their "candidate experience" in order to attract the best; add to this that all slots now represent the competition for this valuable workforce. How to maximize this resource on which one invests more than 80% of its operating budget (residual shared between the building and the technology)? Also knowing that only 30% of our employees are "engaged" and "motivated" at work (Gallup-Healthways survey result)?

Here, moreover, according to this study, the 10 reasons for disengagement of the latter:

  1. Lack of vision of "management"
  2. Little opportunity for career advancement
  3. Bad communication (business goals)
  4. Salary
  5. No recognition / valuation
  6. "Leadership"
  7. Lack of training
  8. Too much work / tasks
  9. Lack of tools and resources
  10. No or little spirit and teamwork

Now, some solutions ...

A survey of 'Officevibe' (you can consult their site and have access to the updated results in real time) of April 2017, listing the 10 reasons of engagement of the employee:

1) Recognition of '' leaders '' and colleagues
2) Regular performance review (more than once a year) and constructive
3) Business that cares about the happiness of its employees; who the '' probe '' and also asks what works or not including reasons, suggestions for solutions; which are then really studied, discussed and applied if required
4) Career opportunities: add to self-reliance towards him; training and adequate technological tools
5) Satisfaction: profits-wages-believing in the vision and mission of the company-clearly established objectives and communication-process of welcoming new employees ("on-boarding")
6) Well-being at work: balance "work-life" - in addition to an environment that supports the benefit of moving, eating well, which promotes healthy lifestyle
7) Ambassador: would the employee recommend your business, services, products to relatives, friends, acquaintances? (Best marketing tool!)
8) Relationship with its leaders: the employee wants to feel connected, to have the feeling of being "connected" with his "leader" in order to respect him
9) Relation with colleagues: encourage constructive exchanges - establish protocol of respect & rules of life at work - encourage collaboration - teamwork - social exchange activities - '' team building ''
10) Alignment- clear communication of company values: do these align with those of the employee?

In light of all this: what is your strategy?

Lyne Provencher, Work Environment Specialist at Teknion

Read the full article of Lyne Provencher - Espace Montréal Volume 26 #3

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