Orders Manafer

JOB TITLE: Orders manager

DEPARTMENT: Sales and Procurement

IMMEDIATE SUPERIOR: Project Coordinator

Summary of the position (purpose)

Reporting to the project coordinator, the incumbent is responsible for providing administrative support to the team of representatives and / or account managers. It constitutes the central point in the coordination of supplies such as the preparation, dispatch and validation of orders as well as certain validations in the coordination of installations.

Responsibilities and tasks

• Ensures the order process for the various projects;
• Ensures the conformity of project - order information;
• Support representatives in the validation, verification and entry of data relating to bids as well as all the steps necessary for the completion of sales contracts in accordance with the specifications of the procedures guide;
• Carry out the administrative activities required once the files are closed as well as all the validations necessary for the accuracy of orders and invoicing;
• Advises and guides the team of representatives on procedures concerning delays and logistics related to purchases: manufacturing partner manufacturing delays, etc .;
• Keeps the team informed about changes and updates from different manufacturers: lead time, price and product availability;
• Performs quality control of orders: carries out detailed quality control upon receipt of acknowledgments and follows up with representatives;
• Ensures the correction of orders after receipt of acknos (change orders);
• Ensures the preparation and dispatch of purchase vouchers for installations.

Performance criteria

• Data accuracy (reliable and precise);
• Good knowledge of products from manufacturers and suppliers;
• Good judgment;
• Well-classified files;
• Precise and logical organization of projects;
• Good communications between the various departments;
• Rigor;
• Great autonomy;
• Ability to solve problems;
• Timeliness;
• Versatility;
• Knowing how to adapt to the unexpected

Required qualifications

• Holder of a DEC training or equivalent experience;
• 3 years of relevant experience in a similar position;
• French and English spoken and written.

Work requirements

• Multitask;
• Good organisation;
• Requires a good level of autonomy;
• Ability to work in a team;
• Be able to manage a high volume of documents;
• Sustained pace of work;
• Respect of deadlines.

Management dimension

• Know how to coordinate several files between various stakeholders;
• Know how to coordinate several external operations.

Content dimension

• Knowledge of resource people and various internal and external stakeholders;
• Knowing how to plan and organize one's work according to objectives and unforeseen events;
• Know how to manage priorities.

Dimension de l’informatique/technique

• Windows environment;
• Google Drive;
• Good use of the Office suite, particularly a good command of Excel.

Behavioral skills

• Ability to influence;
• Solution orientation;
• Customer service orientation;
• Methodical and structured;
• Dynamic;
• Quiet during peak periods;
• Great rigor;
• Professionalism;
• Autonomy;
• Integrity;
• Strong analytical skills;
• Excellent communication skills, both oral and written in French and English;
• Versatility and flexibility;
• Listening skills - empathy;
• Ability to work in a team and maintain the necessary support.

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