Groupe API hires a new General Manager

Groupe API is proud to welcome Marc-André Beaulieu who joins the team as General Manager. M. Beaulieu holds a bachelor of science in engineering from the ETS, in Montreal, a masters of engineering from the EPF, in France, and an Executive MBA from McGill-HEC. Marc-André has more than fifteen years of experience in transformational consulting and in management both in large international organisations and in local SMEs.

“Since I’m passionate about technology, art, architecture and design while also being a strong adept of management based on the human dynamics of an organisation, it’s quite exciting for me to join a company and an industry that offers solutions bringing all these aspects together while also enabling us to help our customers adapt themselves to the new realities of collaboration.”, shares Marc-André.

He adds: “Indeed, as business models quickly evolve in all industries, the value proposals that they are based on generate new collaboration and work environment requirements. As managers, we often underestimate the impact of workspaces which, instead of dictating work dynamics should adapt themselves to the workplace’s rhythm and evolving needs.”

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