Work environment and recruitment: when one depends on the other.

In a global market, job seekers are no longer limited to a single industry, but rather opened to all opportunities. Following this line of thinking, companies no longer simply compete with their direct competitors to attract the best talent, but also with all companies offering related jobs.

For example, to attract the best web developers in the financial field, the company must offer the same work environments as those in the IT industry, such as NexWeb and Gsoft. The same goes for Desjardins LAB, which has been offering exploration and technological prototyping services to various divisions of Desjardins Group and its business partners for a year. Above all, it allows the management to develop on a managerial level *.

The selection criteria for jobseekers are now more than wages and benefits, they seek first and foremost experience reflected in the immediate environment of the company, for everyday fulfillment, and deployment of technological tools for performance.

Enticing environments to recruit the best

To attract top talent locally and internationally, employers now offer collaborative areas, nomadic work spaces with no assigned workplace, recharging center, daycare, cleaners and co-working cafe.

It is important to emphasize the importance of the entertainment areas and the lounge areas within the workspace. These spaces allow the employees to refuel, to take a few steps away from their workstation and to stimulate their creativity in times of stress. These areas can easily be transformed into an area of informal collaboration and encounter.

With equal pay and benefits, the choice will be simple for the job seekers and employers’ which have lured them with their corporate image and the tools, which have been easily place at their disposal.

* Les Affaires, 23/09/2017

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