DRINK + THINK 03 ISSADESIGN : Let's talk about positives spaces

As part of a Drink + Think event organized in collaboration with ISSADESIGN, Last November we had the opportunity to discuss our vision of Positive Spaces. Focused around a topic related to design and corporate design, this quarterly meeting is the scene of an exchange of thoughts and ideas between people from different backgrounds in a relaxed atmosphere.

First of all.... Why positive spaces?

Statistics amaze you from the start:
-5% of the day, we care for others
-10% we play a sport
-32% we sleep
-36% we work
-17% we are engaging in things out these categories such as
(eat or moving around)

Knowing that we spend more time at work than at home, we cannot ignore the impact of a workspace on the human being.
This idea can be represented according to these three principles keys: being more connected, being more focused and to be more mobile in order to optimize performance, creativity and happiness at work.

Being more connected

Being more connected means living in a space that promotes relationships between people, technology and the work environment to help improve our performance.
1. Being connected from human to human
It is important to create spaces that encourage personal and professional relationships, such as collaborative areas, which allow employees and employers to share their ideas and gain perspective.

2. Being human and connected to technology
Between 1982 and 2012, the jobs for which a computer is needed have increased exponentially. Automation has transformed most routine and repetitive tasks to foster more creative jobs. Moreover, 77% of workers consider that creativity is the most important professional skill.

3. Be human and connected to work environment
At API we recommend putting the employee at the center of their work environments. It is no longer the employee must adapt to its environment, but the opposite! All tools can now allow the user to be better connected to their work environment. These include keyboard stands, display stand, ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable tables.

Being more focused

In the office layout, several aspects related to our senses can play on concentration. According to Comfy, an integrated solution company for work space environments, averages about 86 minutes of work is lost every day due to distraction and discomfort. As a result, the creation of concentration zones, the use of glass partitions promoting natural luminosity and the use of acoustic panels will help to solve this problem.

Being more in motion

It is important to encourage users to move around, to walk in the workplace, which helps to create positive energy and increase concentration and creativity.
It is scientifically proven that moving allows the body to release serotonin, which is the hormone of "good mood".

Several things can be done on a daily basis to be more mobile like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking your car a few blocks from the workplace. More concretely in your work environment, you can use a height-adjustable table and work alternately sitting-stand or simply change workstation if your work environment is configured in nomadic style.

Companies that use design to inspire and engage their employees get tangible results. More creative and productive, employees will be dedicated to the success of the company. All aspects of a work area can have a direct and positive impact on how to interact, reflect, and ultimately influence how one works.


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