Privacy in an Open Space

In most working environments, Open spaces have numerous advantages, and have gained much popularity in recent years in all types of industries. Traditionally most offices were working in closed offices, they have now migrated to an open-plan concept, thus increasing collaboration and meeting areas.

There are several reasons why companies adopt this style of development. Among others:
- A decrease in the number of square feet required;
- Increased collaboration;
- The reduction of real estate costs;
- The reduction of furniture costs;
- An overview of the company / department;

- A diffusion of natural light;
- An increase in the movement of employees

What about the privacy of everyone in this type of project? Employees receive private calls at work and do not necessarily want to share details of their private life with all staff. In such cases, the obvious solution would be to move either outside the workspace or monopolize a meeting room.

A solution exists
Similar to street phone booths, cabins commonly known as the "Phonebooth" offer a practical solution for companies that have elected in open areas. These provide all the privacy needed for employees to make calls without disturbing colleagues.

Silen Space Phonebooth are available in four different types of formats, which range from a single 'Phonebooth' to actually accommodating a six person meeting room. Here are a few benefits of this great product which is now available here in Canada:

- Soundproof
It is composed of sound-absorbing materials that absorb sound. A space which will definitely impress you!

- Ventilated, electrified and with lighting
Using a motion detector, a discreet fan and a LED light bar, activates when entering the cabin. Inside the cabin, a plug-in station with AC, USB and micro-USB plug will allow you to connect cellular, tablet or laptop.

- Modular
Using magnetic partitions, it is quick and easy to join two Silen Space Phonebooth. For example, in just a few minutes 2 modules of 2 person can become a 4 person Phonebooth.

- Mobile
Need to move the cabin for an event? No worries! The cabin is equipped with retractable casters to move the phonebooth without any hassle.

- Customizable
You want the cabin to blend in the environment? Or, on the contrary, you want it to contrast the rest of the furniture? There are up to 32 colors for exterior finishes and a choice of 3 felt fabric finishes to choose from. In addition, you can also furnish the interior with different types of furniture.

Silen Space Phonebooth is giving back the privacy of a closed office in an open space.
We invite you to come try this new product at our office. We are located in Griffintown, near downtown Montreal. Come on and try our Silen Space Phonebooth and we will show you how privacy can be obtained in an open space.

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