How to keep your employees within your company?

In a world where employee turnover is high and dedicated human resources are rare, is there a secret key held by Google, Apple or Amazon to renew and strengthen interest in their business? Here are some avenues inspired by the leading companies of this world:

• Offer flexible schedules

Offering flexibility to your employees is a testament to the appreciation that doesn’t go unnoticed. The simple fact of working from home in the morning, to avoid traffic, not only increases the welfare at work but also increases the productivity of the employee. Moreover, flexibility has the effect of empowering the employee because he becomes the Key-holder of his own success.

• Recognizing successes
Like social media, managers have everything to gain by highlighting success, getting a contract or adopting a good practice. Why not take inspiration from Facebook and attribute a "Like" to his collaborator and thus strengthen his sense of belonging to his team. The equation is simple: the more a person feels appreciated in the context of their job, the more motivated they are, and the less likely they are to leave.

• Current tool and furniture
Having the best tools and up-to-date furniture enables employees to be more efficient and promote well-being at work. It plays a role in the sense of accomplishment and belonging. In offering the best, employees will be less likely to look at job offers.

• Training, training, training!

A good way to increase your employees' sense of belonging is to offer continuing education. It is a testimony of trust and an investment on the biggest resource of a company: its team. In addition, these trainings will help to deepen the knowledge of employees and could result in a competitive advantage to your competitors.

• The vision of the company is not just a sentence in the business plan

By sharing your visions, employees will have a concrete goal, ultimately deploying and carrying out their daily task and elevator speech! Emotional involvement combined with an unwavering loyalty to the corporate culture. This vision helps attract clients and new talents.

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